Martyn Green and I have just finished the London Successful Intranets course, where we made some new friends and met up with some old friends. I had a really good time, meeting, teaching, learning and spreading the word in general about the Intranet Journey. I always find these events massively interesting, there so many pertinent questions that leave me pondering solutions, from loads of different markets.

As always with the courses it’s fantastic to see how people build their own frameworks and how different these frameworks are in some ways, but how similar in others.

The ways in which our attendees challenge and push us, evolves the journey and it’s important to us that we keep pushing these changes out to everyone who has attended all our courses. I look forward to the day the journey becomes a message of it’s own, managed by the people who attended the course, a central community who share the knowledge and the power of it’s message.

Hopefully we get to make that a reality soon.