Import Process Wizard

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The Import Process Wizard
We designed the Import Process Wizard to very simply import software content from a previous version of the SORCE software.

The import wizard identifies and pulls datasets and application information from the old system, and applies it a new system, keeping old applications intact and enabling them for use in a new software environment.

The […]

Page Builder

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Page builder
The Page creation process is a step by step wizard designed to help a user to simply create a page and apply functionality which will make it findable, either through menus or search tagging (or both).

The Process diagram is the overall flow of Page Creation.




Prototypes for Page Builder

A simple prototype for for the Page builder application.

Beacon Adaptive Framework

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Beacon is an adaptive, visual framework designed to overlay the old page and template delivery system of SORCE’s Enterprise Intranet Client.

Beacon was designed around the observations and expectations of surveyed users and developers.

The Expectation list included:

An adaptive design framework
Grid based
Better links
White space control
New Div controls
Web fonts support

Beacon was designed to address these changes as much as possible, while still maintaining and […]

Activity Stream

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Activity Stream
Activity Stream(AS) was a proposed concept to revolutionise the way SORCE customers engage with the product.

In it’s initial phase, AS would primarily perform as a utility that covers the grid (space on a page) with bubbling content from various different SORCE Applications. Designed as new way to access content and purpose built to help the Intranet get […]