Project Description

Page builder

The Page creation process is a step by step wizard designed to help a user to simply create a page and apply functionality which will make it findable, either through menus or search tagging (or both).

The Process diagram is the overall flow of Page Creation.

Page builder process flow

The Page building process is designed to take you through a linear wizard which will help you to simply create a page and link it to it’s relevant menu. for viewing.


Assign to a menu

Tag builder labels a page to help find pages in searches or through folksonomies

Tag builder

Enable Page Tagging by choosing from an existing set of page tags, or creating a new one.

Content types & parcels

Select your content element and the dataset it pulls information from, from within the database.


Define a layout

Define your layout spaces by choosing applicable content for each area and assign page variable for things like headers or super footers.


Prototypes for Page Builder

Pick a template

A simple prototype for for the Page builder application.

Page Layout