Project Description

Icon Design

Great Iconography is a vital part of good UX.

At the turn of the century with the upscale of resolution, we found we could effectively move away from iconography to text descriptions. Very often we’d use the same or similar icons for different items, because the text descriptor could differentiate it.

Since the progression of Smart devices (phones and pads) and wearables (Watches and glasses) we are having to rediscover how important great iconography is.

In Beacon, we had to make a decision on how we would replace the 250+ system wide icons so that they could be effectively used across all devices, quickly and easily.

That mean the icons themselves would need to be scalable.

Not only did we need strong icons, but we needed a solid foundation on the best and easiest way to use them.

There were two choices available to us SVG or Font Icons. While Scalable Vectors had many plus points, the ability to store all icons in a single file and then shift around using  Joe Harrison’s responsive icons technique, becomes a bit of a chore. Especially if we are thinking about releasing new or updated iconography packs.

Font Icons

The widespread use of web fonts means that font icons are incredibly useful because they can be resized, coloured and even styled to an extent, through Cascading Stylesheets.

Font Icons