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SIMPLE IS HARDER – Design & Usability

Your brand already exists, your only decision, is whether to curate it.

Your logo is a visual extension of your brand, it sets the tone of your visual identity and establishes any expectation from your behaviour.

Like clothes, your logo should start create an impression of your business personality.

If you leave your brand to manage itself, you run the risk of your brand becoming fractured and broken, which in turn will create a fractured and broken impression of your organisation.

Graphics, like clothes or covers, are your wrapping, your packaging.

They create first impressions, and set expectations.

Why is “simple harder”?

To make something simple you need to distill it down to it’s essence, it takes time and patience.

Usability is the summary of a story, it’s about finding the smart paths, the simple paths, the paths that the user defines, not the ones we assign them to.



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