Enterprise CommunitiesCommunities need three things to exist, people, places and process. Because I’m such a funny guy, I refer to them as the three P’s of community, but that’s only because I am so funny.


Communities need a population, a group of people.


Historically communities need to share a common ground, either through nurture or defence, or both.


Process is the relationship between people and places, it’s the establishment of communication, sharing, help, education and defence that takes place.

The 3 P’s

Without these three things working in tandem, a good community won’t be fostered. Why do I say a good community? Because at a basic level fostering the community is focussing on fine tuning the 3 P’s and improving their synergy.

You need to consider each “P” and understand how they work together to leverage the best out of your digital community.

People are not only a collective but also individuals, they are the cornerstone of your community. They are responsible for the growth and progress of your community, the strength of your community is down to the people. Managing the expectations of these people is vital to your community’s success, listening to their ideas, equipping them with the tools to empower their activity, all in an effort to make it easier for them to do the things they do best.

Places are chosen by communities for a bunch of reasons, they’re bountiful, defensible or rich in resource. Ideal places have the opportunity to grow, bear this in mind when setting up.

Process is more than just communication, it’s the ability to collaborate. Communication is an expectation, but collaboration is about action on top of communication. Successful communities don’t solely communicate, they act in a uniform way to overcome obstacles and leverage success.

You should be focussing on these three areas to foster a better Enterprise Community, focussing on people, places and process.

Know your People, grow your Place and plan for Process, by delivering tools that don’t just communicate, but collaborate.