With the focus on information freedom and transparency in the world today, it’s important to remember that sometimes the ownership of that content is not ours to share, rather we are the caretakers and people have left us responsible for it’s management and security, it’s important to remember privacy, and someone else’s right to it.

We have a responsibility to consider the trust placed in us, sometimes we need to be even more considered than the original owners of the content, as it’s value might be even more important than they realise.

Content is King

I’ve been thinking about content as it’s basic element, not dictated by structures, formats and formatting, just a simple piece of information in it’s rawest possible form. What dictates the use of the content is the person viewing it, in a simple way “what will it look like?” and in a complex way “are they allowed access to this content?”.

Collaboration and communal access means we can’t afford the time spent saving the documents back to their special places on disks or servers, trundling off into a dark corner to die in it’s document graveyard. Information is now, it’s current and relevant, documents are living entities that grow and change as people interact with them, through versions, comments, ratings and links.

The relationship between content and the user can now be controlled in better ways then ever before, content can be styled and personalised, it can be placed strategically to form contextual relevance.

The “delivery” system is irrelevant to content in it’s purest form, as you can dynamically apply styles or requirements on the fly. In the brand world, content can now always be delivered on message and on time.

More than ever it needs to be concise, simple and to the point.

The information revolution

Using the common doc formats is so ingrained in our psyche, that people reach for Word or similar apps whenever the think they need to type something important down.

The truth is the new way to deal with content and information is already out there and being used far more then our old systems. Socially, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Instagram, and commercially, Amazon, ebay, in the enterprise, Intranets, collaborations tools, are all new ways to deal our information, we do it daily, it’s a very real part of our lives across multiple mediums.

If you are or are looking to be an agile business, you cannot afford to miss these opportunities, this is the future of communication and of management, you can’t afford to wait around till friday to have meetings to make decisions, the nature of these content tools means you can stay informed, you can make decisions right now, based on information that is relevant.

The King is dead, long live the King…