About Duncan Millar

I've been a on a long journey, as a designer foremost, specialising in the digital intricacies of the user interface and now weaving my way through user experience. Two elements tied together in an eternal love hate relationship with the designer riding the edge between form and function.

Kill the clutter

We have developed an ability to ignore irrelevant information, for example banner blindness, the result is that information suppliers are becoming more intrusive as they chase click through revenues or brand share.

Ads windows that grow, pop over, need to be closed or follow you down the screen, and interstitial ads (pages that sit between referenced pages) […]

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The element that Intranets forgot – white space

As part of my job I’m often asked to critique Intranets, not just my own, or my teams, but new customers, old customers and competitors and I’m surprised at how often white space takes a bashing.

In some circumstances I feel guilty about my feedback, as I fully understand why people have overlooked white space, but then […]

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Building an Intranet Army

Harnessing the power of people, to benefit your enterprise community.

Enterprise communities, like real world communities, need an army of people to help build, strengthen and protect, this process is vital to it’s survival and continued growth. Fostering an enterprise community will draw the same parallels in real world examples of community building, you’re tapping into the same […]

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Eating the elephant

Identifying opportunities, building an ideas based culture in your organisation and leveraging them for success. 

I’ve been fortunate to work on many varied projects in my career, from multinational brands to local charities, across multiple industry sectors, and most of them share similar highlights and pitfalls. Plenty of them can be smoothed over with a brilliant project team […]

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User Experience is stealing my creativity…

Change for good
I believe passionately in good ideas and great design, but it is my fundamental belief that the design is not more important than the experience but rather just an aspect of it. Yeah I know there are a bunch of people who disagree, as is their right, but somewhere in the middle of these two […]

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Content as an entity

With the focus on information freedom and transparency in the world today, it’s important to remember that sometimes the ownership of that content is not ours to share, rather we are the caretakers and people have left us responsible for it’s management and security, it’s important to remember privacy, and someone else’s right to it.

We […]

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Delivering successful Intranets went very well, the feedback from the delegates was excellent, we scored top marks in almost every category. There are some areas we have to improve, but we’ve noted these and will have already made improvements for the next course in Manchester.

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The Intranet Ecosystem

If you build it…Martyn and I have been working on the Intranet Ecosystem since November, essentially it’s about all the “stuff” that needs to be done to complete the Intranet Journey and what makes a great journey.It’s been been a long road, but all our hard work is about to come to fruition, Martyn presents […]

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The User Experience

A brave new worldWe’ve spent a fair portion of time over the last two years porting our product to .net, we’ve implemented brand new systems to ensure there’s a constant focus on quality control and ensuring the version toolsets match on every level. Now as the product goes through the rinse and repeat testing for […]

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