A brave new world

We’ve spent a fair portion of time over the last two years porting our product to .net, we’ve implemented brand new systems to ensure there’s a constant focus on quality control and ensuring the version toolsets match on every level. Now as the product goes through the rinse and repeat testing for bugs and quality, we’re starting to plan the next big steps in SORCE’s evolution.

User centered design

Focusing on the “User Experience”, we’re hoping to transform the way all users interact with our system. Our objective is simple, it’s about “Winning Seconds”and how those seconds relate back to the customer financially, by¬†attaching¬†a comercial value to them.

In coming months we will be sending out usability surveys, running field tests and establishing a usability clinic within SORCE to test the usability of our product for basic and power users a like.


We’ve started re-educating ourselves with regards to Usability and User Centered Design, as well as investing heavily in sector sanctioned reports and surveys, like the ones delivered by the Nielsen Norman Group.

We’re also looking to get respected consultants in to address certain areas and assess our progress in this regard.

I’m hoping to plot the progress of this important new phase and how it ties back to SORCE right here, if you have any questions that I don’t seem to be answering, please drop me a mail.