If you build it…

Martyn and I have been working on the Intranet Ecosystem since November, essentially it’s about all the “stuff” that needs to be done to complete the Intranet Journey and what makes a great journey.

It’s been been a long road, but all our hard work is about to come to fruition, Martyn presents the course to the public on Tuesday the 12th in London, hopefully they will get as much benefit out of seeing it, as we did out of making it.

What the course covers

The course has been designed to present and detail all the things that go into making successful intranets. Far too many people think and Intranet is a piece of software you install and then leave alone to let it run, this is simply not the case.

Intranets are a labour of love, they require planning, commitment and management, we’re making it our job to spread the news.

So what does the Journey look like?